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Attorney Profile – Steven H. Atherton

Business Lawyer Steven H. Atherton has helped businesses succeed for more than thirty years.  From his youth up, Attorney Atherton has always had his hand in business.  Before he completed grade school, he was a newspaper delivery boy, waking at 4:30 a.m. every morning to deliver the Washington Post to subscribers in suburban Washington, DC.  As he grew up, he worked for his parents at their Used Book Store in Kensington, Maryland and for a leading Civil Engineer.

He took those lessons to college with him, where he organized charter bus trips home from Cornell University to the chief urban areas from whence the student body was drawn to earn extra money.  As a young chemical engineering student, Attorney Atherton worked overseas at Philips corporation in Eindhoven, The Netherlands and upon graduation, served as Pilot Plant Engineer and as a Project Engineer, within an internal consulting group, at General Mills in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Throughout his student days, Attorney Atherton did not sit still.  He worked for a variety of places during school  and school vacations to gain experience and help pay his own way.  Examples of his work, included: working as a prep cook in the main dining room of the Statler Hotel (Cornell University’s Hotel School’s working hotel), serving as a Resident Advisor to dormitory students at Cornell University; interning at the United States Senate Budget Committee, clerking at the International Trade Commission and doing legal work through several associate positions at major Washington, DC law firms.

Since graduating Magna Cum Laude from the Georgetown University Law Center in 1989, Attorney Atherton’s practice has been quite diverse.  He started as a Corporate Associate with Sidley & Austin in New York City, where he did work for large companies like AT&T, national governments like Columbia and various banks and international entities.  After moving to Vermont in 1991, his practice changed markedly as he worked in the general practice of law for more than 25 years, mostly running or operating as Managing Partner of his own law practice.  Sometimes his focus was more on litigation (i.e. civil, criminal and family) and sometimes it seemed to be more about real estate or estate planning, but always it had a significant small business component.

During those years, Attorney Atherton also advised or ran several small businesses, most notably was his stint at the helm of Dog River Business Solution, a computer sales, consulting and Internet service provider firm that he had helped found in 1991.  He ran it from 1996 to 2000, during which time he shifted its focus to law office technology and the Internet.  At the end of 2000, he turned it over to two of his employees:  Charles Hocker, who took over the law office computing side of the business, and Rick Eutsler, who took over the web page design and marketing side of the business.  Those businesses continue to thrive under their leadership to this day.  Since moving to West Texas in 2015, Attorney Atherton has been running Grace Ranch while continuing to provide outstanding personal service to a more limited number of clients.

Based upon such experiences, Attorney Atherton is uniquely positioned to counsel a wide variety of small businesses.  Moreover, his broad general practice experience enables him to assist his business clients with all their legal needs, including the vetting and coordinating with attorneys who may have a particular specialty as need be.  As such, Attorney Atherton serves as general counsel to many small business owners.  Helping them make prudent investments in legal services that bring big returns.