Resolve Disputes

Resolve Disputes

Disputes are inevitable.  How best to resolve them, however, given the nature of your business and its goals can vary dramatically. Sometimes the high cost and length of time it can take to litigate your dispute is helpful.  Other times, resolving a matter up front, even at significant cost to the business, is the best policy.  Deciding what path is best for your business in any particular situation requires objectivity, experience and an ability to properly evaluate the costs and benefits of different options up front, when it is hardest.  Call 802-485-5595 in Vermont or 915-988-2450 in Texas if you want help determining the best way to resolve your dispute.

Client Testimonials

As a small business owner, I’ve learned that one of our greatest strengths is our ability to be very nimble.  Markets change, technology changes, and opportunities come up very quickly.  Being able to quickly pivot our business is critical.  Steve has been instrumental in helping us both seize the opportunities, and avoid the pitfalls.  He has two critical characteristics that are invaluable to any small business owner.  First, Steve is always looking out for our best interest and profitability, not his own.  Secondly, is his accessibility.  Business does not operate in a narrow “9 to 5” window.  It is happening all the time.  Steve has been there for us when we’ve needed him the most, helping us address opportunities and concerns that impact our business.  He’s been a tremendous contributor to our success. ~ R.E. Lake Havasu, AZ


I hired Steve in the midst of a dispute with a former business partner. At my insistence, he filed suit on my behalf. In the midst of a mediation that seemed destined to fail, Steve intervened in a unique way that gave me a new perspective. We put forth a new offer and within a short time, the dispute was resolved, saving me lots of money and making me whole. Ever since I have used him for all my legal needs. M.K., Northfield, VT.


After 25 years, we changed the nature of our operations. Immediately the IRS audited us and denied every expense we claimed. We were horrified. We called Steve. He appealed our case to the U.S. Tax Court. Ultimately, the government backed down and accepted every one of our deductions in full! Thank you Steve. A.E., Fort Hancock, TX.