Business Services

Organize your Business

Choosing the right entity , owners and management structure are key to the success or failure of most new businesses.  Unfortunately, many business owners get

Avoid Law Suits

In my experience, a good offense is the best defense against costly disputes.  That requires business owners to be proactive, addressing issues up front to

Resolve Disputes

Disputes are inevitable.  How best to resolve them, however, given the nature of your business and its goals can vary dramatically. Sometimes the high cost

Navigate the Permit Process

Most any business operation these days requires some kind of federal, state or local permit.  Frankly, such “red tape” is infuriatingly costly and inconvenient to


Negotiation is an art, more akin to poker than the dollars and cents that tend to be a business owner’s stock and trade.  Unfortunately, many

Purchase, sell or lease real or virtual property

The old adage for business success was “LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION.”  In our virtual world that has expanded to include the Internet, media and other forums

Protect your Intellectual Property

You have worked hard to develop your Intellectual Property.  Protecting that asset is often paramount to your success.  How best to do that without breaking

Buy or Sell a Business

Whether you are in the market to buy or sell a business, each transaction is unique.  Such transactions are often laden with complex legal issues,

Obtain Financing

Most businesses need some kind of financing to conduct their operations.  Unfortunately, few small business owners have a good understanding of their options and therefore

Planning for Retirement and effective Estate Planning

Most small business owners are so busy running their business that they never address the questions that nags at them in the back of their

Weather a divorce

As with most things, the best way to avoid catastrophic damage to your business through a divorce is by proper advanced planning.  Amongst other things,