<span class="hpt_headertitle">Civil Litigation</span>

Assess and Advocate

Our approach to litigation is two-fold: Assess and Advocate.

Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

Our approach to litigation is two-fold: Assess and Advocate.

Assessment: Know Your Risks

A lawsuit can be a risky and expensive proposition. Before you set foot in the courthouse, you need to understand the legal challenges, expenses, and risks of pursuing your particular claim. At Tarrant, Gillies & Richardson, we work with clients to appraise the legal merits of their claim and to understand the client’s goals.

If you are asserting a right or enforcing an obligation, you need to know whether litigation is the best avenue. Because of cost, the potential for recovery, the likelihood that litigation will accomplish your goals, or other reasons, it may not be. You need to know this as soon as possible, and you need a legal team that will work with you to find the best alternative solution.

If you have been sued or threatened with a lawsuit, you need someone who can help you to negotiate before expenses mount. We can advise you of your risks and rights and give you the tools to fight back in court or to try to resolve the matter fairly with the other party.

Your problems are important, and finding solutions that work for you is critical.

Advocates: Fighting in Your Corner

If litigation is the best or only solution, Tarrant, Gillies & Richardson has the experience and skills to represent you. The members of our firm are seasoned trial attorneys who have successfully tried cases to juries and judges throughout Vermont in Superior, District, Environmental, and Federal District Courts. We have successfully represented clients on appeal to the Vermont Supreme Court and to the Second Circuit Federal Court of Appeals in New York. We will work with you to develop and prepare your case for trial, navigating the unpredictable course of litigation. Our services include:

– Trial Preparation and Strategy

– Hiring Expert Witnesses

– Defending and Taking Depositions

– Discovery Management

– Witness Preparation

– Written Motions

– Trial Work

– Appellate Representation

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